Voice Talent Demo Reel (2015)

2015-07-03 01:49:10 by Punker96


New to NewGrounds! (Sort of)

2015-07-03 01:08:30 by Punker96

Hello Newgrounds!

Gosh, I remember I used to come to this site religiously back in like.... 2002! Man, this place has changed a lot since I've been on here.... and I have all this hair growing in strange places that I never did before too. Ahhh, yes, the early hairless years of the 2000's, what a time amirite?

Anyways, I think I'm a man now (real men pay income tax and listen to Bruce Sprinsteen and things like this right?), all testosteroned up and such. One afternoon I found myself reunited with NG through the information birth canal that is Google whilst searching for video game voice acting projects. Got on to the forums, one thing led to another and I just had to sign myself back up.

That being said, yes, I have been a voice actor and radio broadcast personality for over a year and prior to that an audio engineer of about four years and counting. Always looking for collaborations and opportunities to voice video games, work on sound or even write so if you have a project and want to talk, I'm all ears. Really looking forward to branching my expertise into the feild and starting to follow this passion of mine.

Anyways, it's good to be back!